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WET (Westcoast Entertainment Technographics) Studios, formerly Wet Paint Studios, was founded in 1980 by George Mead. The scenic art Studio was started in a two car garage in Berkeley, California before moving to San Francisco in 1985. From 1980 until 2006, The Studio moved through five consecutively larger studios to accommodate the scale and scope of hand painted projects. In 2006, WET Studios repositioned itself as a Digital Design and Production Management Company and moved into a smaller design and production office in San Francisco. The Studio still maintains a paint design studio in Mill Valley, California.


Wet Paint Studios started with Tower Records as its primary client in
1980, providing hand painted billboards for the flagship Store on Bay and
Columbus Streets in San Francisco. Over the next ten years, (1980-1990)
Wet Paint Studios gained many other clients involved with the Entertainment business, primarily through its close relationship with Bill Graham Presents (where George worked in the late 70's designing and painting sets for music concerts.) The projects for these clients included design and production of large scale backdrops for music festivals and tours. During this time, the studio expanded its hand painted record album displays to four other Tower Record Stores and six Wherehouse Stores. Subsequent to gaining a strong presence in the entertainment industry as a leading scenic shop in the country, designing and producing hand painted sets for national and international music tours, The Studio continued to expand its client base to include numerous restaurants, casinos, museums, corporations, and the private sector.

Wet Paint Studios formally changed its name to WET Studios in 1992 with the move to Second Street in San Francisco.

In 2006, with the strong digital movement into large scale printing, along with their availability of numerous printing materials, effective color management systems and aggressively competitive costs, WET Studios repositioned itself, transforming into a partnership with Doris Jean Brown, (the manager, co-designer, and production coordinator for Wet Studios for 12 years prior) as a digital design and management company. With this evolvement and new positioning, we now offer design, management, and production of large format digital printing.

WET Studios has great pride in its many collaborations with numerous
artists, designers and production companies in offering quality projects.